Summer Assignments 2022

Summer Assignments 2022

English (Grades 9-12)

2022-2023 Summer Reading Assignments

Incoming 9th Grade

Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson


ISO Focus: Women of Heart

While reading, please focus on these guiding questions:

  • What does it mean to have heart?
  • How does having a passion or belief in something shape who we are or who we become?
  • What is the difference between passion and drive?
  • What do you think people need in order to overcome hardships?
  • In what ways is Jade a woman of heart?
  • Throughout the book, Jade learns about the power of voice, specifically her voice. How does this journey show what it means to be a woman of heart?
  • What qualities do you have in common with Jade?


Incoming 10th Grade

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea by Melissa Fleming