STEM Certificate


In 2015 the Academy of Our Lady of Peace created the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) certification to acknowledge students for their achievements and involvement in STEM related activities. Students completing the requirements to earn a STEM certificate will receive special recognition at their commencement ceremony, as well as a seal of completion on their graduation diploma. In addition, documentation of STEM completion will be noted on their transcript.

If you’re interested in signing up for the STEM Certificate, carefully review the requirements below and complete the form.

I. Maintain 3.0 overall GPA each semester (weighted cumulative)

II. Adherence to all policies outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook

III. Complete the minimum units in each of the following categories

  • Math: 40 units*
  • Science/STEM: 40 units

*Students may also meet the 40 unit requirement by passing OLP’s Calculus B/C course or an equivalent college-level course or by earning a 3 or higher on the AP Calculus B/C examination.

IV. Extracurriculars
Students must earn a minimum of 125 points to meet the extracurricular requirement by participating in any combination of the following:

  • Internship = 30 points per internship
  • STEM Online Certificate = 20 points
  • OLP STEM Certificate Event (on campus) = 15 points per attendance
  • STEM Club = 15 points per year of participation
  • STEM Event (off-campus) = 10 points

Students must provide proof of attendance in the form of a ticket stub/receipt. In addition to a short summary of the event attended and what was learned.

V. Advisory Panel
Present their portfolio to a STEM Advisory Panel at the completion of their senior year.

Download the STEM Certificate Information Packet here