Academy Sisters

American Catholic Sisters have made a tremendous impact on public life in the United States. OLP is one of more than 10,000 schools founded by women religious since 1790. The CSJ Sisters journeyed westward, extending the faith through their vision, hard work, perseverance, and trust in Providence. They saw an unfulfilled need for education on the frontier and provided a means to fill it. Through their sacrifice, many students benefited from superior education. Our CSJ Sisters are creative, dedicated and spirited. They are extraordinary teachers, leaders, surrogate mothers, administrators and models of faith. We are grateful to the following Sisters for their inspiration and significant impact on many generations of women at OLP.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Who Have Served at OLP

Sr. Consuelo Aguilar
Sr. Dolores Anchondo
Sr. Patricia Margaret Barnard
Sr. Roseanne Belpedio
Sr. Mary Rose Boito
Sr. Mary Andre Bradley
Sr. Sharon Ann Breden
Sr. Veronica Brutosky
Sr. Margaret Callahan
Sr. Patricia Callahan
Sr. Margaret Jude Corey
Sr. Denis Anne Cremins
Sr. Annette Debs
Sr. Joan of Arc DeGuire
Sr. Carolotta DiLorenzo
Sr. Marion Donohue
Sr. Robert Joseph Doucette
Sr. Mary Thomas Duran
Sr. Eleanor Eagen
Sr. Mary Catherine Fearon
Sr. Anne Gertrude Fitzgerald
Sr. Mary Constance Fitzgerald
Sr. Veronica Jean Fitzgerald
Sr. Evelyn Joseph Flynn
Sr. Rita Francis Fraser
Sr. Ruth Garbani
Sr. Dolores Marie Gill
Sr. Fay Hagen
Sr. Joyce Hampel
Sr. Rose Agnes Haskins
Sr. Michelle Humke
Sr. Marianne Johnson
Sr. Mary Joan Lindenfeld
Sr. Veronica Maloney
Sr. Juile Marciacq
Sr. Marylouis Markel
Sr. Sheila McCarthy
Sr. Mary Claire McLaughlin
Sr. Charleen Munana
Sr. Ernestine Munana
Sr. Marie Dolores Munoz
Sr. Leo Francis O'Callaghan
Sr. Patricia Overlook
Sr. Maura Jean Parsons
Sr. Mary Dorothea Quinn
Sr. Ellen Marie Ryan
Sr. Ruth Anne Saunders
Sr. Marie Francis Schroepfer
Sr. Ann Marguerite Souza
Sr. Mary Ellen Sprouffske
Sr. Mary Adele St Cyr
Sr. Mary Wahoff
Sr. Cecelia Joseph Wight
Sr. Edward Mary Zerwekh

Graduates of the Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Sr. Noreen Patrice Arnold '51
Sr. Patricia Arnold '48
Sr. Cathy Bundon '75
Sr. Magdalen Marie Crivello '47
Sr. Catherine Irene Findley '46
Sr. Dolores Marie Gill '45
Sr. Theresa Harpin '69
Sr. Joan Henehan '55
Sr. Helen Louise Lacey '48
Sr. Grace Anne Loperena '44
Sr. Anne Lorraine Mahlmeister '48
Sr. Kathleen Martin '44
Sr. Margaret Murray '56
Sr. Virginia Rodee '53
Sr. Ellen Marie Ryan '58
Sr. Ruth Anne Saunders '46
Sr. Linda Snow '58

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