Ballet Folklorico

Course Number: 674/675; G Block 674g/675g

Open To:
Grades 9-12

Course Length:
Full Year; 10 Units

UC/CSU Approved: Visual & Performing Arts “F” requirement. Satisfies one semester of the VAPA graduation requirement.

Course Description:
This course is designed to expose students to the history and culture of the Mexican people through its music and dance. This course will introduce students to the basic skills necessary to learn Mexican folklórico dance while also teaching them basic performing skills. It also provides instruction in the aesthetic, cultural, and historical dimensions of Mexican folkloric dance tradition. Each year, a specific repertoire of dances from various regions of greater Mexico will be taught in preparation for public performances both on and off campus. Ballet Folklórico is designed for work at a beginning level to build upon and refine technique, styles, and overall knowledge regarding the production, art and heritage of folklórico dance.

Textbook/Class Resources:

  • None

Level of Difficulty:
  Very Difficult

Estimated Homework Per Class:
30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60-90 minutes