Introduction to Biotechnology

Course Number: 440/441

Open To:
Grades 10-12

Course Length:
Full Year; 10 Units

UC/CSU Approved:
Laboratory Science area “D” requirement

Course Description:

This course combines academic and technical training to prepare students for careers in the biotechnology industry. The focus of biotechnology is on the mastery of fundamental laboratory operating procedures. Students will learn sterile technique, bacterial cell culture, DNA and protein isolation, antibody techniques, and electrophoresis. Record keeping, safety, and proper use of equipment are stressed throughout the course. The course will focus on helping students develop basic molecular biology skills and understanding that will facilitate their completion of Miramar College’s Biology 131 Credit-by-Exam Program. Additionally, this course will task students with identifying a relevant biological problem that can be wholly or partially addressed with their skills. Students’ project work may involve partnering with a local biotechnology company, university, and/or graduate program. 

Textbook/Class Resources:

Instructor will provide scientific journals and a pdf of book needed.

Level of Difficulty:
  Very Difficult

Estimated Homework Per Class:
30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60-90 minutes

Completion of:
Biology or Biology Honors AND
Chemistry or Chemistry Honors