Kinesiology: Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Course Number: 438/439

Open To:
Grades 10-12

Course Length:
Full Year; 10 Units

UC/CSU Approved: Laboratory Science area “D” requirement. This course does not meet NCAA requirements.

Course Description:
This course is an introduction into the study of human movement. Students will be exposed to an extensive variety of material designed to introduce the student to an overview of kinesiology, the skeletal system, the muscular system, injuries, muscle function, biomechanics, and motor learning. The application of this knowledge to athletic training concepts including effects of stress on the body, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries will be discussed.

Textbook/Class Resources:

  • Foundations of Kinesiology: Studying Human Movement and Health, 3rd Edition 2015 edition
    Author: Peter Klavora; Kinesiology Books Publishers, 2017 ISBN:  978-0-920905517

Level of Difficulty:
Very Difficult

Estimated Homework Per Class:
30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60-90 minutes

Completion of Biology
and Chemistry
with a B or better.