Writing in Literature I

Course Number: 142

Open To:
Grades 11-12

Course Length:
Semester; 5 Units

UC/CSU Approved: English “B” Requirement.
Satisfies one semester of the English graduation requirement.

***This course is offered on a rotating basis and will be available for registration during ODD graduation years (ex: 2023, 2025, 2027 etc.).

Course Description:
Writing in Literature I is an English course designed to immerse students in the artistic field of writing literature by way of the craft, so that they are engaged not only in literary analysis, but in applying those skills to their own developing creative craft. The course integrates the reading, communication, and thinking processes characteristic of literary art, including style and structure, creative devices, and rhetorical techniques. The course also engages students in a deeper, more critical understanding of the composition techniques by which writers of short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction employ the elements of literary expression. This is academic and emotional work, requiring analytical rigor and creative expression. In essence, this course invites students to explore and experience the diverse and valuable ways in which creative people make original literary art. Learning objectives are rooted in the Common Core standards for the state of California.

This course can be taken as an 11th grade elective in addition to the required year-long American Literature, American Literature Honors, or AP Language and Composition course. 12th graders who take the course satisfy one semester of their English requirement.

Textbook/Class Resources:

  • How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith ISBN# 9780399534607
  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens ISBN# 9780735219106

Additional texts will be provided in PDF format by the instructor.

Note: Summer Reading Texts are by grade level and are posted in May.

Level of Difficulty:
  Very Difficult

Estimated Homework Per Night:
30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60-90 minutes