Pep Talks: NCGS Offering Podcast on Benefits of Girls’ Schools

NCGS is offering a new digital resource to promote  
the unique benefits of girls' schools!

PEP Talks: Podcast on Educational Possibilities is usually developed for an internal audience of educators to discuss best practices in educating and empowering girls. Our latest episodes, however, focus outward by speaking directly to parents (current and prospective), donors, trustees, and alumnae about the importance of girls' schools.

In "The Relevancy of Girls' Schools" series, NCGS Executive Director Megan Murphy addresses why, with female empowerment making headlines around the world, girls' schools are more relevant today than ever before. Available are five brief episodes that each address one topic and are approximately 2-minutes in length. A fifth, full-length episode covers all five topics:

You can access PEP Talks through the NCGS websiteiTunes, and Google Play. To receive MP3 files of "The Relevancy of Girls' Schools" episodes, email Olivia Haas.


It is more important than ever to teach girls to develop their voices and to use their voices to stand up and be counted. Use "The Relevancy of Girls' Schools" PEP Talks episodes to advocate for why girls' schools are the best educational choice to make this a reality!

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