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Schedule for Sunday, November 8

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Times Social and Emotional
Research and
Academic Rigor
The Holistic OLP
Pilot Experience
1:00 - 1:15 pm Opening Session (Zoom Link)
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1:20 - 1:50 pm Relationships that Help
Students Thrive
(Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
Innovative Teaching
Strategies....Not Your
Grandma's Classroom (Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
Curiosity, Interest, Passion: VAPA and Co Curricular
Activities @ OLP (Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
1:55 - 2:20 pm Social and Emotional
Health of Girls
(Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
The Path of an Honor
Student at OLP: What Does Rigor Look Like? (Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
Agents of Change
(Service and Faith) (Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
2:25 - 2:50 pm Building Confidence
through Leadership (Zoom Link)
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Challenging Women in STEM (Zoom Link)
(password: gopilots)
Athletics & Physical Well Being (Zoom Link)
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3:00 - 3:30 pm Closing Presentation from Dr. Lek and Mrs. Hooper (Zoom Link)
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Session Descriptions

Social and Emotional Learning Track

  • Relationships that Help Students Thrive: At OLP, relationships are everything! Whether it's between students themselves, students and faculty, or students and coaches, we value and encourage positive, healthy relationships.
  • Social and Emotional Health of Girls: Through OLP's four year comprehensive counseling model, our students are not only supported in their academic planning and college counseling, they are also supported in their social and emotional health. Join us to learn more about how our counselors, faculty, and other students support balance and overall wellness on campus.
  • Building Confidence through Leadership: The world needs young people who are capable, competent, and compassionate more than ever. How does OLP ensure our students develop these skills? Join our Campus Life team to learn more.

Research and Academic Rigor Track

  • Innovative Teaching Strategies...Not Your Grandma's Classroom: Through the use of Socratic Seminars, Flipgrid, OLP's Speech course graduation requirement, and other innovative teaching strategies, OLP is ensuring that our students are exposed to the best possible 21st century learning environment available to them.
  • The Path of an Honor Student at OLP: What Does Rigor Look Like?: What does the four year journey look like for a highly motivated, accomplished student? Is there a path for her at OLP and beyond OLP? Join our faculty and students as they discuss the support system, academic courses, and co-curricular offerings that enhance the rigorous course load and how they balance it all.
  • Challenging Women in STEM: As a women's institution, OLP wants to ensure we are part of the solution to closing the gender gap that exists in STEM careers. Through exposing our students to all the possibilities available to them, we have seen an increase in student interest in STEM. This is evidenced by 40% of our graduates in the Class of 2020 going on to major in a STEM related field in college.

The Holistic OLP Pilot Experience Track

  • Curiosity, Interest, Passion: VAPA and Co Curricular Activities @ OLP: Do you have a passion or curiosity for the visual and performing arts? Whether you are experienced or just beginning to look into opportunities in the arts, we have a space for you in our programs at OLP. Join us to learn about how we create that space for all interested students.
  • Agents of Change (Service and Faith): How is theology, service, faith, and the CSJ charism of Unifying Love woven into all that we do at OLP? Join our faith leaders to hear how we encourage our students to become those Agents of Change and to go out into the world as Women of Heart, Women of Faith, and Women of Courage just as the Sisters of St. Joseph have modeled for us.
  • Athletics and Physical Well Being: What does it mean to be a student athlete at OLP? How do we foster physical well being for all our students? Join our Director of Athletics, Physical Trainer, and student athletes to learn how we encourage healthy competition, fitness, and overall well being.

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