Alumnae Spotlight: February 2021 Newsletter

Alumna Spotlight: Heather Guerin ’03

We are happy to share the joyous union of Heather Guerin ’03 and Chris Ryback on December 12, 2020. Heather hoped to be married in the OLP Chapel on the grounds of her alma mater that she and her family (her sister Kathleen Guerin was a beloved member of the OLP faculty for many years) held so dear, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, a wedding on the OLP campus was not possible. Instead, Heather and Chris celebrated their “pandemic wedding” at St. Charles Borromeo Parish Church in San Diego with only immediate family present.

Heather and Chris met in January of 2015 online and discovered that they used to work next door to each other in college and have several friends, some of them OLP alumnae, in common. Heather speaks sweetly about Chris, “He’s pretty awesome. And, a wonderful step-Dad to my pup.” OLP wishes you both a long, healthy, and happy life together!

Since graduating from OLP, Heather has earned her Masters in Nonprofit Management from Regis University in Denver. She currently serves as the Finance Manager for a non-profit organization, Survivors of Torture International, that works with individuals from all over the world who are seeking political asylum in the US. With more than 140 countries still practicing government-sanctioned torture, the organization has an incredibly diverse and amazingly resilient group of clients. The organization arranges for their clients to receive psychological and medical evaluations in order to help their immigration court case and they also provide basic need services/items and clinical case management.