AOC: Maria Shriver at OLP

By: Sophia Parra ’18, Katya Cerny ’19, Sofia Rojo-Kratochvil ’20

On March 22, 2018, the Architects of Change at School Team hosted their second (in academic year) live conversation with guest speaker, Maria Shriver. Shriver was the former First Lady of California and is a successful author, philanthropist, journalist, and founder of Architects of Change. She shared her knowledge and advice to an audience of OLP students as well as guests from all over San Diego, speaking on topics regarding her successes and newest book, I’ve Been Thinking…Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life.

Architects of Change Live Conversations strive to share stories of inspiration from individuals who are challenging what is, imagining what can be, and moving humanity forward. Their goal is to inspire those listening to do the same in their own communities.  On Thursday, Maria was interviewed by two Architects of Change at School Club members, Margaret Brady ‘19 and Marlene Vollbrechthausen ‘18, who conceded with Maria’s thoughts on self-motivation, faith, true leadership, and genuine respect and compassion.

Maria shared her experiences with the pressures of society, inviting her entire audience to work for what they love with passion, courage, and conviction. She recounted on what it was like to be a daughter of the Kennedy legacy, as well as being the only girl in a family of male siblings. With true authenticity and grace, Maria also echoed her thoughts on paving one’s own path to success and happiness. She described how she became her own source of motivation and strength through practices such as prayer, meditation, gratitude, and gentleness. Her audience was captured by her example of harnessing all of one’s power as a spiritual being, a woman, and a change-maker. Maria’s compelling, candid, story is one that all the guests were privileged to have heard. We have definitely “been thinking” about her inspirational and empowering words ever since.