AOC Monthly Highlight: Kimberly Caccavo and Katherine Nowlan

AOC Monthly Highlight: Promoting Wellness & Safety Through Fashion

An architect of change (AOC) is someone who challenges what is, imagines what can be, and moves humanity forward.

Meet Graced by Grit founders, Kimberly Caccavo and Katherine (Kate) Nowlan, and their highly-technical athletic clothing line designed to empower and keep women safe. Kimberly Caccavo, with a chemical engineering degree, and Kate Nowlan, with her psychology and sociology degrees, came together to create a line that promotes safety, healthy living, and a great sense of style. In honor of San Diego slain teen, Chelsea King, all of their clothes include safety whistles and a place to hold one’s cell phone. Caccavo and Nowlan are no strangers to adversity, but they firmly believe that through life’s challenges, grace is found – hence the name, Graced by Grit.

These amazing women show the benefit of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to embrace strength in the face of adversity. For as Ms. Caccavo and Ms. Nowlan tell us, “Every woman has experienced that difficult moment that she thinks might just break her. How we make it through those moments defines us.”

Watch Carly Tucker ‘18 and Marlene Vollbrechthausen ‘18 interview Ms. Caccavo and Ms. Nowlan in this Architect of Change Monthly Highlight.