AOC: New AOC Among Us

By: Katie-Marie Zikert ’20, Co-President of AOC Club and her team

It is in pushing the boundaries that surround us and letting our imagination and passions break free, that we truly discover what we are capable of and how we can beautifully change the world. This is the essence of an Architect of Change: someone who challenges what is, imagines what can be, and moves humanity forward. At OLP the Architects of Change Club (AOC), is dedicated to inspiring and supporting young women on their journey to becoming a woman of faith, hope, courage, and excellence. By hosting live conversations that celebrate individuals who embody that of an Architect of Change,and through our monthly AOC highlight, our community is able to learn from others and be inspired to also move humanity forward.

By no means are all Architects of Change famous; they are people committed to changing the world for the better and as such, we naturally find them right here in our classes and OLP community. They are born through passion and hard work, through determination and positivity. Here at OLP, we see all employees as Architects of Change and as such, are happy to welcome our newest members.

New to our staff are the following changemakers:

Ms. Karen Hsu, Athletic Trainer at OLP. Ms. Hsu (pronounced shoe)  looks forward to encouraging girls to live healthily, inside and out. Ms. Jessica (Jessie) Mattson, our Benefit and HR Coordinator, cherishes how OLP is like a family, one in which everyone feels appreciated and encouraged. Ms. Cynthia Sanborn, the Facilities Coordinator, is excited to take part in renovating and improving our beloved school, making “what is already magical, historic and beautiful… better for the future and for current students.” Ms. Tania Alatorre, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Head of School (Ms. Hooper), is ready to become a part of our OLP family and is inspired by the AOC club and effort. Finally, Mr. Angel Silva, Maintenance Lead, loves the rich heritage of our school and admires how OLP supports and nurtures our talents so that we may one day become leaders in the world.

The newest members of the faculty team are:

Ms. Bridget Borce, Science Department Instructor, wants to inspire girls in her classes to consider pursuing a career in a STEM field, where Ms. Borce notes “women are currently underrepresented.” Ms. Kitrina (Kitt) Carr, the new Visual and Performing Arts Instructor, graduated from OLP in 2010 and is excited to be coming back to contribute to OLP and the future generation of female writers and thinkers. Dr. Anne-Marie Dicce, also new in Visual and Performing Arts, feels right at home as she is able to combine her own values and beliefs with her extensive musical knowledge and teaching to move the OLP community forward in harmony and song. Mr. Chris Moeller, Associate Director of Athletics & Physical Education Instructor, knew he wanted to join our OLP family when he came on 8th grade Visitation Day and realized the tangible spirit of unity on campus. Ms. Alison Purpera, Religious Studies Instructor, is passionate about creating opportunities for students to encounter their faith and to be moved by compassion through service and justice. Ms. Allyson Woods, Counseling Department Chair, recently moved to San Diego with her family and is looking forward to creating a space for students to “find out who they are and what they have to contribute to the world.” Lastly is Ms. Michelle Yang, Math Instructor, returns to OLP after graduating in 2009 to prepare girls for the real world by challenging them to think outside the box.

We are so thankful for these amazing men and women who support our growth and learning at OLP, making our high school experience one filled with opportunities and joy. Each day they continue to inspire us to be Architects of Change, showing us how to live a life of kindness, determination, and perseverance, while we move humanity forward.

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