May Newsletter: Alumna Profile

aly faaborgOLP changed me from an insecure girl into a confident woman and supported me in my discovery of what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a farmer!

I had a somewhat unconventional plan for a somewhat unconventional job which was to head straight to a community college for two years and then transfer to a university. I enjoyed the freedom of knowing exactly where I was going rather than experience the enormous stress around SATs and College applications.

My teachers at OLP were always very supportive of me. Every single teacher had some impact on me and all of my teachers helped me become the strong woman I am today. Ms. Kathleen Guerin, sophomore and senior year English teacher, taught all of us girls to challenge convention. I loved being in her class, exploring literature mixed in with some real world lessons. My freshman year English teacher, Mrs. Lori Favela, facilitated my growth as a person, especially when we traveled on a mission trip to Costa Rica. I was the girl on the trip that was passionate about identifying native plants rather focus on the tour guide. That trip was when I really learned to just be myself and not worry about what people might have to say about my uniqueness.

Finally, Mr. Galvan, helped me back onto the path to God. After spending so many years in Catholic school, I was kind of tired of learning about my faith. I wanted a break. During my senior year, Mr. Galvan’s class, Christian Life Themes, really turned me around and helped me find and connect to my faith. I think my classmates would agree, he was the teacher we could go to for anything.

I loved my time at OLP and I still love the girls that shared my experience with me. My best friend today is a friend I met in my freshman religion class. I am proud to call myself a Pilot. I am proud of my high school and all it has done for me and the generations of woman who are a part of the OLP sisterhood.

Since graduation, I’ve pursued my dream of becoming a farmer. I attended Palomar College for two years and then transferred to the University of California, Riverside. To better accommodate my desire to become a double major in Environmental Science and Business Administration, I’ve decided to transfer to the University of San Diego.

During the summers I’ve been working at several farming businesses. In 2012, I worked at Stehly Farm as an office assistant to learn the financial side of farming. Since June 2013, I’ve been working at Evergreen Nursery. I take inventory and am learning about thousands of plants and all of the specific information to help them grow.

I’ve also traveled over the summers since graduation. Visiting Alaska, my family and I experienced a weeklong land tour of the interior of Alaska. We toured Mount Denali, rode a train from Fairbanks to Juneau, and sampled food. We then took a week cruise from Seward, Alaska to Vancouver, Canada. It was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back. This July I will travel to Germany for two weeks to visit my boyfriend’s family extended family. I look forward to returning for the Fall semester at USD to continue my double major and resume my wonderful job at Evergreen Nursery.

My name is Alyssa Faaborg and I am proud to be an OLP alumna.