April Newsletter: Athletics

Cheer Stunt
OLP Stunt Cheer made history this month by hosting the first ever Stunt Cheer Competition in San Diego. Not only was it a huge success, the stunt team brought home the win of 9-8 against Santana High School. Way to make history, Pilots Cheer! 

In March, Equestrian Team Captain Jocelyn Moore ’21 finished off the competition season by attending the OCIEL banquet. She represented OLP in three OCIEL competitions this year and at the banquet was awarded 2020 OCIEL Dressage Champion High Point Individual and 2020 OCIEL Dressage Champion First Level Test 1, 2, 3.

Varsity had their second game of the week, the Pilots defeated Hilltop by three. Again, we had a variety of goal-scorers and an all around team effort to get the win. We are proud of the way we have continued to grow our lacrosse skills in every opportunity we have had. For this game, we need to recognize Sophomore attacker Hannah Meza ’22 with a special shout out as she took one for the team and stepped in as goalie! Hannah made 6 saves on the 13 shots that came at her! Way to go, Hannah! At our last game, JV took on Hilltop and brought home our first win! Double teams and big defense gave our attack the opportunity to score 6 goals by 5 different players–Malia Weinzimer ’23 (2!), Marial Batangan ’23, Claire Scheperc ’22, Taylor Peters ’22, and Marian Vizcaya ’21. Our midfield crushed the running game as usual and we had some new midfielders step it up and help bring us to our big win! 

Track and Field
Track attended the Meb Invitational this month and did very well. The list of Pilots that performed and received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals are: Sofia Brigida ’23, Maya Hundley ’23, Michaela Hine ’23, Jimena De la lama ’20, Julia Torres ’22, Ella Jones ’23, Alexandra Boren ’21, Alazar Parker ’20, Nicole Lalangan ’22, Katie Sunstrom ’22, Anna Brown ’21, Brigida Mansour ’21, Emily Concepcion ’21, Clarissa Alvarez ’21, Lucia Paoletto ’22, Jazzy Cruz ’23, Lauren Forga ’22, and Yasmeen Konja ’21. Way to go, Pilots!