April Newsletter: If The Frame Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit!

“If the Frame Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit!”

By Ilene Nagem, Social Studies Department 

These were the last words of “attorney” sophomore Lorea Mendiguren’s closing argument for the defense in this year’s Mock Trial competition held at the end of February at the San Diego Superior Courthouse. This was OLP’s third year of participation in the San Diego County Mock Trial competition sponsored by the San Diego Bar Association and we continue to learn more with each trial.

This year’s team consisted of seniors Aminah al-Jaber ’14, Iliana Douraghi ’14, Taylor McLaughlin ’14, Michelle Novak ’14, and Veronica Wilson ’14; juniors Dulce Avina Heredia ’15, Anna Ivanjack ’15, Jessica Meehan ’15, Tori Mullenix ’15, Alexa Ornelas ’15, Erika Pichardo-Ley ’15, Christina Villanueva ’15, and Anna Williamson ’15; sophomores Paulina Gonzalez ’16, Lorea Mendiguren ’16, Emily O’Connor ’16, Sasha Ramirez ’16, and Melissa Ramirez ’16; and our ninth grader who was our defendant, Lauren Simon ’17.

As the team’s faculty moderator and on behalf of the team, I would like to recognize and thank our attorney coaches James Eischen, Luiey Haddad, and Victor Pippins who volunteered their time to teach us about the U.S. legal system and prepared the team in the fine art of the trial process. We hope that more students will join us next year on this competitive academic team that teaches and refines the skills of research, public speaking, and collaborative learning. I think that everyone on the team would agree that Mock Trial requires many hours of hard work but it is a very rewarding experience and sometimes even fun!