April Newsletter: The Ladies in Blue

The Ladies in Blue

By: Morgan Stewart ’14 Carondelet Circle

            They are the first faces that most guests see when they enter the entrancing world of OLP. These girls embody the spirit of sisterhood at the Academy. The girls of Carondelet Circle are the royal blue flight attendants of the Academy of Our Lady of Peace Pilots. They are warm and welcoming to young eighth graders as they visit the campus for the first time. They are personable and kind to adult guests to the Academy, whether they be a prospective parent or folks from the neighborhood. They work with the faculty and staff in preparing and executing various school functions. They also form a bond with one another that goes far beyond the years of high school.

            Gentleness, peace, and joy are the three charisms of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and the young ladies of Carondelet Circle embody each of these charisms in a very unique way. Gentleness is the way the girls speak to the sometimes timid and shy eighth graders. They make these prospective freshman feel at home, and let them know that many of the OLP girls felt the same way when they were in eighth grade. Carondelet Circle ladies are in peaceful in the manner they handle sometimes difficult situations. They act with poise and grace, and are always polite, courteous, and peaceful, no matter what the circumstances are. Finally, the Carondelet Circle ladies are joyful, overflowing joyful. Whether it is seeing them sing and dance “We are Family” with Mr. Galvan, the Assistant Principle or watching them talk about their school with great pride and being a gracious hosts to guests; the joy of these girls is plain to see on their vibrant faces. Carondelet Circle girls will always have a smile on their face and a kind word to say. They can make everyone feel welcome and at home; and they will always be ladies of gentleness, peace, and joy.