April Newsletter: Making Summer Plans? Plan for BYOD and ESCO in 2014-15

Making Summer Plans? Plan for BYOD and ESCO in 2014-15

By John Galvan, Vice Princpal 

In addition to checking off “sunscreen” from your summer supplies list, this is another reminder to be sure to plan for OLP’s new BYOD (bring-your-own-device) requirements and ESCO options for textbooks. When these initiatives were first rolled-out in December, we stated that our ultimate hope is to allow families alternatives to how students access their instructional materials, to give students a 21st century competitive edge by demonstrating proficient use of technology skills upon entering higher education, and to continue in our mission of educating young women to become engaged agents of change to meet the relevant needs of our global society.

According to OLP’s Computer Science Department, 82% of current OLP students are already registered on campus with one or more device, and new students are being added to the school’s network at an average of 5-10 students per week. OLP’s BYOD policy outlining required minimum specifications for whatever device a family chooses is included in the 2014-2015 Course Description Guide, which can be found on the school’s website when you click on the link under “Academics.” This new policy and practice will guide the use of interactive instruction and enhanced learning that will connect our students more meaningfully to the world outside, and the world outside to their work in the classroom.

The online OLP bookstore opens May 26 for all summer school students, and July 14 marks the launch for every 2014-2015 first semester student to shop for books. As we move away from charging families a book rental fee as part of their tuition in 2014-2015, we believe that the new online book buying and buyback system powered by ESCO will allow our families more options insofar as how students access their course text materials, and in some cases, provide greater economic options for families. It is worth reminding that the direct benefits of OLP’s partnership with ESCO include: website convenience, ordering ebooks side-by-side with textbooks, efficient service, up to 60% savings on the purchase of used books, a book buyback program, and same day shipping.

Whatever your plans for summer include, be sure to make room for your back-to-school plans by being ready to bring your own device to school and to have your books delivered either right to your front door or straight to your device.