Architects of Change Highlight: Ambassador Marcela Celorio

Architects of Change Monthly Highlight: Ambassador Marcela Celorio

By Rivka Bent, Executive Assistant to the Head of School

An Architect of Change is a person who challenges what is, imagines what can be, and moves humanity forward. Ambassador Marcela Celorio, the Consul General of Mexico in San Diego, personifies these ideals and creates positive change in her community and beyond.

Ambassador Celorio is a trailblazer. She has set the scene for female Mexican leaders. After studying at the Center for Mexico-United States Studies at UCSD, she was the first diplomat of the Mexican Foreign Service in Residence at the American University in Washington, DC. Ambassador Celorio has dedicated much time and effort to researching and writing about dual nationality and national security. She has helped promote and encourage the recognition of dual nationality through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by fulfilling her duty of National Director of Naturalization. Afterwards, she was named Politics Protection Director, where she helped implement the mechanisms of border cooperation between Mexico and the United States.

She has maintained a stable environment despite many issues with the new presidency. Along those lines, she has stressed the importance of how the United States and Mexico are neighboring countries and, therefore, share many values such as democracy, human rights and new reforms. Her respectful views on many controversial issues has inspired peace in new citizens. Her team, along with herself, inspires more than 25 people a day that come in to the four-story building on the corner of India Street.

The ability to communicate effectively is paramount to Ambassador Celorio and that is seen by her fluency in five languages and her extensive binational education, which has given her a multi-faceted perspective in her various political positions. Her lifelong commitment to learning and growing is one of her many qualities that have contributed to her success. One of the many ways in which she moves humanity forward is by the manner she responds to adversity and conflict: with peaceful conviction, inspiring others to do the same.

Not only is Ambassador Marcela a woman of the world, having held deputy positions in Israel, Belgium and the European Union, she is also a woman who uses her social influence and education to improve the world around her. She is a true Architect of Change of many nations.

Ambassador Marcela Celorio will be joining us at the Fourth Annual Women’s Symposium on March 9, 2018. Learn More