Architects of Change Highlight: Women’s Symposium

Architects of Change Monthly Highlight: Women’s Symposium

By Rivka Bent, Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Modeled after Universities, OLP began an annual symposium, during Women’s History Month, to bring together the top women leaders across California and now the nation. The focus is to empower the next generation of women leaders to manage the multi-faceted aspects of being a woman in the workforce. Alongside current OLP students, the event welcomes over 300 guests including alumnae, other local high schoolers, professionals and community members statewide. Past panelists have included Anne Sweeney, President of the Disney ABC group, Oscar Winner Brenda Chapman, Entrepreneur Felicia Hansen Founder of Hera Hub, and Pinterest Software Engineer Tracy Chou. This years symposium will include panelists and speakers such as Lisa Lane of Fox Sports San Diego, County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, and Author, Chemical Engineer, and Founder of MathSP, Stephanie Espy.

Before the birth of the Symposium, OLP held an annual career day, where students could learn about different professions by going from booth to booth. However, after attending an inspirational event at a university, a group of students along with Dr. Lek, began to question the structure, or challenge the career day model– asking themselves how they could provide more insight into unique work opportunities within commonly known fields. Imagining what could be, the Women’s Symposium was born with the idea of welcoming inspiring and successful women to speak not only about what they do but the “how” of their unique pathway. Now with the Fourth Annual Women’s Symposium underway, the OLP community moves humanity forward by gathering women and men together to celebrate the journey of becoming a successful leader in science, technology, computer programming, arts, journalism, public policy and much more!

The very first Women’s Symposium was held in March of  2015, and since, inspiring individuals such as Anne Sweeney and Marcela Valladolid have shared their stories hoping to inspire the next generation of female leaders in our world. All OLP students have been able to gain insight of how women are proactive in their workspaces. Not only have the students been influenced by the panelists and the speakers, but the Women’s Symposium has served and continues to connect the OLP student to professionals with whom internships are formed. Truly the Women’s Symposium is an Architect of Change as it has become a beacon to many within the San Diego Community and beyond, honing in on women’s thought leadership while empowering the next generation of leaders.

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