Architects of Change: Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams, an accomplished designer, TV personality, and recent author of Love Coming Home: (Transform your Environment, Transform your Life), truly embodies tenacity and dedication as an Architect of Change. Adams encountered notable hardship as a teenager, yet remains unafraid to delve into detail about the years she spent working to help her mother make ends meet. Adams worked multiple jobs as a teen, but it was her experience as a maid that engendered great interest and curiosity about home life and design. Ms. Adams became inspired by the fabric and design of the bedrooms, provoking her to spend years studying “The Science of Sleep.” Now, Ms. Adams is a design expert, featured on HGTV and the Hallmark Channel for her work. She continues to inspire people everywhere to use resilience and dedication as their pathway of success.

In a recent phone interview with Jennifer Adams,  Architects of Change team members Chloe James and Katie-Marie Zickert had the opportunity to hear Adams’ words of wisdom on self-confidence, authenticity, and embracing change as part of the human experience.

From a young age, Adams was a natural trailblazer and self-starter. As a teenager, Adams began picking strawberries and cleaning houses with her sister, and in the process, gained confidence in her ability to branch out on her own and successfully “earn money [without] needing to depend on anybody else.”  Attaining a strong sense of self-confidence proved to be a vital skill for Adams as she launched a career in the interior design world with only a six-week trade school education.

When asked how she dealt with doubt during the early stages of launching her own design firm, Adams acknowledged, “Moments of doubt are still something I have to this day; it never goes away. But having overcome challenges at a young age gives me confidence to overcome the challenges I have now.” Adams further explained that writing down the challenges that she successfully conquered is so beneficial, “because when you’re feeling self-doubt, to be able to go back to that list of [successes], even if they seem inconsequential–that [is what] helps give me courage.”

One of Adams’ biggest moments of doubt occurred in the midst of establishing her multi-million dollar design firm. She admitted, “Interior design–there was a time when I was so into it–and then I wasn’t, and feeling really burnt out.” She considered becoming a realtor and even entered real estate school twice!  In this moment of doubt, Adams more fully realized the importance of self check-ins to stay true to her most “authentic self.”

Adams put on, as she puts it, her “superwoman cape,” and asks herself the question, “If you knew you couldn’t fail, and all you had was potential, what would you really want to do?” She considers everything she likes about her career and everything she doesn’t. Through this process, Ms. Adams realized that while she wasn’t enjoying the “detail” part of implementing ideas in an interior design plan, she loved the “big picture dreaming of visualizing someone’s space” and she loved communicating with people and helping them jumpstart their own creative visions.

Gaining inspiration from contemporaries in the interior design world, such as Martha Stewart, Adams was emboldened to mold her career pathway to allow her to “teach design principles to people without actually going into their homes.” Adams started small, launching a luxury bedding line designed for the ultimate sleep experience and has now expanded to other home decor products and design tools.

This experience ultimately informs her own beauty of self-transformation: “My version of my best self changes and evolves because I learn and I grow and I accomplish one thing and move onto something else… It is normal to grow and evolve and transition and to question–those who don’t [can] get stuck and complacent.”