August Enews: Lorenzo De Zavala Youth Legislative Session Proposal

Lorenzo De Zavala
Youth Legislative Session

Proposal Title: Develop More Latina Women Leaders
Author: Marlen Miranda Office: Senate
(Co-Sponsors include: Name, Office, & Signature)
Co-Sponsor: Cynthia Cole

Whereas, in the Latino community young women are determined to better themselves and;

Whereas, Latinas are hardworking, influential, and purpose driven and;

Whereas, young women in the Latino community are supportive, respectful, and not afraid to persevere and;

Therefore it be resolved that a program shall be made with inspirational speakers and presentations. In this program their will be Latina girls ages 12 through 16. In order to enter this program they need to fill out a form, be intelligent, and they need to have a sense of what jobs they are interested in. The program will be 3 to 4 days long. It will be located in a college. In this program the girls will not focus on what their society or family expects from them. They will not be reminded that they need to get married and take care of their kids; instead we will teach them a new mindset. When they enter this college they will enter an imagined world were they can be business owners and anyone they want to be. They will not face the limitations women are facing today. Each room of the university will be a different job. The jobs that will be available for the girls are jobs where men are seen as superior. When the girls enter the college they will select a job that they are interested in. There a business owner of that specific job will explain to the girls about that job and how they can become the business owner in that specific job. They will learn to not be afraid of becoming the business owner of a job just because today men are normally the business owners. When they feel mentally prepared boys their age will be sent into the program, so that the girls can practice being in charge when men are around. This will help them become confident and help them understand that it is important to not feel inferior to a man. At the end of the program their will be a presentation describing to the girls that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. They will be reminded that they conquered being a business owner and that they do not need to feel inferior to anyone.

Be it further resolved that this program will actually have a positive effect in the world. The program will not only create equality between gender, however it will also create equality between races and social class.