Back to School Night Zoom Links

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2022 Back-to-School Night Schedule

6:00 - 6:20 pm Grab and Go Refreshments available on St. Joseph Plaza
6:30 - 6:45 pm (in Block A classroom): Prayer & Welcome Address from Dr. Lek & Dr. Sato (if virtual, watch via OLP Livestream)
6:50 - 7:00 pm Block A
7:05 - 7:15 pm Block B
7:20 - 7:30 pm Block C
7:35 - 7:45 pm Block D
7:50 - 8:00 pm Block E
8:05 - 8:15 pm Block F
8:20 - 8:30 pm Block G
8:35 - 8:45 pm Zero Block, Online Courses & Special Travel Trips
- Mr. Moreno’s Video Production class: Zoom Link
- Le Puy Pilgrimage Information Session w/Mr. Martin-Spencer & Dr. Sato: Zoom Link

Use the links below to access faculty Zoom rooms at specified times based on your daughter's schedule (available via PowerSchool).

Please refer to your daughter’s schedule in PowerSchool to ensure you enter the right faculty room during the appropriate block.

** Call 619-725-9129 if you need technical assistance connecting to a Zoom Room **

Allen, Donna
Boettger, Sally
Brown, Molly
Brown, Tory
Busch, Kristen
Carranza , Manuel
Cooney, James
Cota, Debra
Counseling (Heveron, Anita)
Culver, Kelly
Dicce, Anne-Marie
Devereaux, Emily
Fager, Matthew
Flynn, Jennifer
Goesch, Jiovana
Griffen, Maureen
Guasticci, Danilo
Hall, Suzanne
Hanley, Shawn
Hartman, Brenna
Hsu, Karen
Hillier Valdez, Jacqueline
Flannery, Jamie
Kennedy, Ryan
Kim-Carranza, Alma
Kirschbaum, Jeff
Kufa, Milena
Ma'ake, Stefini
MacManus, Siobhan
Malheiros, Brigid
Martin-Spencer, Ryan
McDaniel, Laura
Moreno, Gilberto
Paluso, Tim
Rayner, Nicole
Tippett, Robert
Rodriguez, Jennifer
Salgado, Eddy
Tiegs, Heather
Tracy, Justin
Weldzius, Tim
Wilkinson, Cameron
Williams, Carolyn
Wilson, Katie
Wisniew, Ann
Wyatt, Jackson
Yang, Michelle