Boundless Construction Updates

This page houses information regarding construction for the Boundless Project. This is where we will be putting our timelines, noise impacts, etc.

June 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected OLP and its community in multiple measures. With respect to the Boundless Campaign, we had looked forward to the successful completion of Phase I of construction this August 2020 and groundbreaking for Phase II in June 2020. We are set to open our Phase I newly renovated buildings on schedule, however Phase II construction has been delayed.

The effect upon our current student families, due to this pandemic, is seen in a myriad of ways, specifically with many families now experiencing an immediate need for tuition assistance. We have rearranged our fiscal priorities to focus on serving the needs of our families and ensure a protected seat for current students. This, in part, plays a role in the decision to institute the Phase II construction delay. As such, on April 24, 2020 the OLP Board approved the delay of Phase II construction to meet the fiscal priorities of the school as result of COVID-19 with intent to revise a construction timeline within the next 6 months.

February 2020

The question you are all wondering . . . . YES! We are still on schedule for an August 4, 2020 completion! We are tracking on schedule and both buildings are where we expected them to be. Our focus now is on the infill building. Things are really moving along now that the concrete foundation for the infill building between Aquinas and St. Joseph halls is now complete. The framing is coming along and you will begin to see the second floor begin in the next couple of weeks. Our contractors are also beginning to remove the roof tiles on Aquinas to re-sheet the roof and replace damaged tiles.

May 21, 2019

It has been an exciting couple of weeks on campus!

St. Joseph’s Building is underway in the preparation phase of construction. In Aquinas, all soft demo is just about completed, and construction preparation will then begin.  

This past Saturday, May 18,  both the north and south walls of the theater were removed, along with the steel roof beams. This has been an incredible process, it is like taking a walk through construction history! Some of the walls were built with materials you just don't see anymore.

Over the next few days, the construction schedule is being adjusted to support the Finals schedule as well as Commencement Ceremonies.

May 17, 2019: Pre-Construction Continues

We are currently in construction pre-work, which means the interiors of buildings are being prepared for infrastructure upgrades. Pre-work will continue through this weekend. Our construction partners will be mindful of finals and keep work to a minimum next week while school is in session. No loud, noisy or disruptive work will be done during the school day to ensure students have a quiet place to study and take their final exams.

May 2019: Pre-Construction Begins

We are currently in construction pre-work, which means the interiors of buildings are being prepared for infrastructure upgrades. Yesterday our construction crew encountered a structural issue and immediately responded to ensure the construction site remained safe and secure. I am happy to report they were able to completely secure this structural issue within 5 minutes with minimal effect to the exterior of the building.
Additionally, a section of the theater roof became unstable and had to be removed. After meeting with our Structural Engineers, and larger construction team, it has been decided that for safety reasons we need to bring down the remaining exterior structure of the Theater. We have worked out a plan with our construction partner to do this beginning at 2:30 pm every afternoon for the remainder of this week. We will continue to work on the inside of the building, hauling debris during the school day.
All regulations and codes have been and will continue to be followed. All required disciplines have been and will continue to be onsite for demo work. 
  • May 1, 2019: Groundbreaking + Goodbye Blessing Ceremony
  • April 16, 2019: Classrooms cleaned out and moved to modulars
  • February 15, 2019: Modulars scheduled to be dropped off at OLP

6 modulars off Collier and 2 at the Circle Drive of Oregon and Copley. Modulars will be on site from 2/2019-6/2020