Boundless Construction Updates

March 2022

Boundless Phase 2 is the development of the lot to the west of Qualiato and Shiley Hall. When this project is completed, we will have a beautiful new 20,000 square foot Media and Performing Arts building. 

March 7-11, 2022 Site Mobilization: There will be increased activity on the west lot as our general contractors, Johnson & Jennings, work to clear and prepare the site. Fencing will go up to separate the site from the rest of campus. Qualiato classrooms will be outfitted with noise canceling blankets on the western walls. 

March 14-31, 2002 North slope survey and stormwater pre construction work: During the remainder of this semester noise will be moderate. Qualiato will be the most impacted due to its proximity to the worksite. During any given block, vacant classrooms in Navarra and Shiley may be used in the event we need to shift classes out of Qualiato. Teachers should plan to use the employee lounge during their prep block. In an effort to minimize possible disruption during AP testing and final exams we have provided J&J with the testing schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact OLP's facilities team at [email protected] or Johnson & Jennings General Contracting at (858) 221-5806 [email protected].