Boundless Cabinet Letter

A Message from Our Campaign Co-Chairs


As alumnae transformed by our experiences at OLP, we stand united in our commitment to providing the next generation of students with facilities that match the extraordinary education provided at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP). Boundless: The Campaign for OLP empowers us to do just that. Together we will lead the most significant campus investment in OLP history, an investment in future generations of bright, confident and faith-filled young women in San Diego.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet had the vision, faith, and foresight to invest in girls’ education, empowerment, and leadership. With humble beginnings in 1882, OLP became the leader in women’s thought leadership because our founders believed in what was possible. As proud OLP alumnae, we are honored to help ensure the same excellent education for a new generation of students. We will move forward with purpose and continue the OLP legacy of our founding Sisters.

Joined together by our common passion for Catholic education for girls, we are boundless in what we can achieve. In launching this campaign, we are honoring the Sisters, and all of the alumnae, parents, and volunteers who, over the years, have provided the means for OLP to thrive. The urgency in our call to action is a result of our time of need – a time that demands women who can create, innovate and transform our world for the better. All of us must do our part to ensure OLP’s most impactful years are still ahead.

Your gift will allow us to accomplish our bold and audacious goals, a campus that fosters the aspirations of our students and supports the excellence of our programs. Together, through this campaign, we will educate, inspire, and empower OLP girls to be boundless.

Paola Avila ‘93
Campaign Co-Chair

Carla (da Luz) Boren ’87
Campaign Co-Chair

Ann Navarra ‘63
Campaign Honorary Chair