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Welcome to the Center of Excellence in Communications (CEC) at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace!

The CEC celebrates and teaches about the myriad platforms for communication that exist and are ever-evolving in the 21st century. The CEC is dedicated to educating students about both the technical ways to share information, entertainment, and inspiration as well as the breadth of skills involved in developing high-quality media content. Exploring various forms of media, of which journalism, documentary filmmaking, popular culture, and advertising are a part, the Center of Excellence educates the aspiring media practitioner and the burgeoning media artist. Communication persuades or otherwise affects the behavior, the attitude, opinion, or emotion of the people receiving the message. Staying on the cutting edge of these modalities is of uppermost importance to its mission.

The CEC was created in August 2020 as a resource for students, parents, and the internal OLP community. Directed by Inez Odom, the CEC will host virtual speaker series on topics related to mental health and well-being, college counseling, communications in the 21st century and more.

OLP parents are encouraged to attend the virtual presentations and will have an opportunity to ask questions. This page will also serve as a repository of answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Mental Well-being Series Events

Being There for Her During the Time of COVID-19: An Evening With Dr. Renna Wolfe

Dr. Wolfe earned her bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from Smith College and her Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCSD in 2010. Her graduate research focused in the field of cortical neuroplasticity, the mechanisms that underlie learning and memory. Ultimately more drawn to education than research, Dr. Wolfe began developing science educational materials for a number of digital platforms and then eagerly stepped into the classroom. Most recently, Dr. Wolfe reconnected with her fascination for what best primes our brains to learn, and what hampers it. She has been compiling and connecting research from neuroscience and psychology labs around the world to synthesize a better understanding of student wellbeing and compassionate behavior, from a neuroscientific, developmental, and educational psychology perspective. She is most passionate about sharing what the scientific community is learning about the interplay between increasingly common afflictions in youth such as anxiety and behaviors that are known to develop resilience and other protective countermeasures during childhood and adolescence. 

Being There for Her During COVID-19: How OLP Parents Can Best Support the Mental Well-being of their Daughters During the time of COVID-19

This event included experts in the field of mental health and well being of adolescents:

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