Classroom 109


You should now be in classroom 109 on the bottom floor of Navarra Hall. This classroom illustrates the upgrades and modifications that have been made to all the classrooms in this 100 year old building. From fully functional automated window coverings to the whiteboard walls, the classrooms are now able to support the 21st century learning best practices. 

Safety and securing of our campus is always a top priority and these renovations also created the opportunity to invest in state of the art security technology. You’ll notice that each classroom is equipped with a lock down button next to the door which empowers any student or employee on campus to secure the buildings in the event of a threat to on-campus safety.

Classroom 109, however, is special in that it offers a nod to the building’s history with the exposed brick wall in the back corner of the room. You can always expect surprises when working on buildings of this age and the construction crew was prepared to address anticipated structural issues with the buildings. But when construction began on the building in 2019, we were surprised to learn that the building had originally been composed using hollow bricks! Post construction, Navarra and Shiley Hall are completely up to building code and set to stand for 100 years more, but this wall in room 109 was preserved in special remembrance of this history. You may now continue on to your next stop.