COVID-19 Resources for Parents

Quick Reads and Resources

Supporting the nuanced social, emotional, and academic needs of adolescent girls is what we aim to do best at OLP. The COVID-19 crisis presents us with a unique context in which to do that. It is in the spirit of navigating this territory together that we share these research-based resources to empower and support you and your daughter. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope you will find something that helps you to address some of the most common challenges facing students right now.

Home Environment:

Recommendations for Entertainment, Media Consumption, and Screen Time:

If you are struggling with information overload & conflicted about potential media bias:

Resources for Managing Emotions and Well-Being: 

Recommendations for Cultivating Resilience:

Resources for Relating to Your Daughter:

  • Check this out if you are wondering how to help her grieve the loss of some milestone events, like prom and graduation
  • If you are home and looking for reading material, consider these recommended books on gender and adolescent girls. 
  • Find out what her passions are by Engaging in Learning