CSJ High School Leadership Conference 2017

CSJ High Schools Learn From Each Other At Leadership Conference

By Jeanette Handelsman ‘64, Alumnae Engagement Coordinator

The Doheny Campus of Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles was once again a beautiful setting for the 2017 CSJ High Schools Leadership Conference. This Conference was first proposed and organized in 1998 by Sr. Joyce Hampel and reinvented last year by faculty from our four California CSJ schools: Carondelet High School in Concord, Saint Joseph’s High School in Lakewood, Saint Mary’s Academy in Los Angeles and our very own Academy of Our Lady of Peace. OLP’s student attendees were Simona Sutka ‘19 (Leader), Emma Rens ’20, Elena Ruta ‘20, Ivana Letayf Lazo ‘19, Gabrielle Pascua ‘19, Olivia Gastaldo ‘18, Bailey Morales ‘19, Mariana Frangos 19 and Nicole Stepovich ‘19. Mrs. Donna Allen ‘85, Ms. Margaret Wiedower ‘68 and Mrs. Jeanette Handelsman ‘64 were the OLP faculty present at the Conference.

The Conference took place June 6-9 and was attended by nine students and faculty from each of the CSJ high schools. The purpose of the Conference was to not only acquaint the students with CSJ history and traditions, but also provide an opportunity for the students to share common experiences at their own high schools that are in alignment with these same traditions. Presentations by Shannon Green, the Director of the CSJ Institute, Ashley Guanzon ‘12, a participant in the CSJ St. Joseph the Worker program, and Mary Sloper ‘58 were highlights of the Conference, as well as our visits to and service at Alexandria House, the House of Yahweh and St. Joseph Center (all CSJ ministry sites). The girls also spent an afternoon at Carondelet Center of MSMU, eating ice cream sundaes with retired members of the CSJ community. This was a particularly memorable and touching experience for the students.

Along the way, the 36 young women who attended the Conference developed strong bonds with each other and spent time developing ideas of how to share their new knowledge with their own school communities. The girls thought the Conference was life-changing, inspiring, empowering and eye-opening.

We look forward to next year’s Conference on June 12-15, 2018 at the Doheny Campus of MSMU. Information and applications for this Conference will be available in April 2018.