AOC: Danielle Dietz-Livolsi

Danielle Dietz-Livolsi, a “Nutty” Architect of Change!

By Valerie Carrillo ’20, Wessley Edmonds ’20, Sofia Rojo-Kratochvil ’20, and Nicole Stepovich ’19

It started with a love for peanut butter and family. . .

As a “self-proclaimed foodie,” philanthropist, mom, and wife, Danielle Dietz-Livolsi truly embodies the characteristics of an Architect of Change who challenges what is, imagines what can be, and moves humanity forward. As the founder of The Original Multi-Nut and seed butter, also known as NuttZo, Mrs.Dietz-Livolsi has created one of the most innovative brands in the natural food movement. Her journey to create NuttZo began when she adopted her two nutrient-deficient boys. Her priority immediately shifted to super boosting her son’s little bodies with healthy nutrients and multi-grains. With two picky little boys, Mrs.Dietz-Livolsi made it her goal to create one of her childhood favorite snacks, nonetheless but. . . peanut butter! After long nights of blending, curating, and tasting, the seven nuts, and seed peanut butter blend was masterminded!

Today NuttZo has a range of nut and seed based flavors and forms. From jarred nut butters to traveling 2go packs to refrigerated snack bars (a.k.a) NuttZo Bite Z, NuttZo has every form of delicious and nutritious “nutty” butters. Due to Danielle’s boys being nutrient-deficient, her products are 100 percent organic with no additional sugars, preservations, or oils. They are high in Omega-3’s and proteins, as well as gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Within each of the product’s flavors, there is a blend of seven different nuts including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts. The use of these 10 organic ingredients is what makes NuttZo’s products unique and nourishing. NuttZo’s nut butter’s also meet the requirements of USDA Organic, Ashley Koff, B Corporation, Gluten-Free,  Kosher, Non-GMO Project, Quality Assurance International, Vegan Certified, and Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.

Around the time Danielle began NuttZo she also co-founded Project Left Behind. Project Left Behind is a non-profit organization that is supported by portions of each NuttZo sale. Its purpose was to aid the orphans that Danielle and her husband left behind in Ukraine but has grown to provide resources that are most needed to privately run children’s homes in Peru, Nepal, and India. Project Left Behind believes in meeting basic needs for these homes in order to achieve it’ goal of creating brighter futures for children. The support of this institution, including NuttZo, has helped to achieve this goal. With their assistance, they were able to help Aishworya Children’s Home in Nepal supply 48 children with school shoes, socks, education sponsorships, and yearly supplies of rice and cooking oil. They have also helped 25 children from Hogar Semillas de Jesus in Peru receive fundings for food, vital staff, education, electricity, and household supplies. Furthermore, they have aided 17 girls from Tender Loving Care Home in India to receive safe transportation to and from school so to combat any potential risk of human trafficking. To restate from earlier, all contributions to NuttZo go directly to these children in need, and since 2011, both NuttZo and Project Left Behind has helped raise more than $320,000 to help these organizations in Ukraine.

Danielle Dietz-Livolsi is a remarkable woman who truly manifests the traits of an Architect of Change by challenging what is, imagines what can be, and moves humanity forward. By founding her company NuttZo, Danielle puts a focus on the need for living a healthy lifestyle, in addition to the need for eating the right foods. Moreover, her commitment to Project Left Behind emphasizes the support children in underserved communities need to create a brighter future for them. She is a dedicated mother, entrepreneur, and changemaker who inspires others to follow their passions and create positive changes in the world. Mrs. Dietz-Livolsi’s work as an Architect of Change has had a significant impact on all who have been so fortunate to receive the aid of Project Left Behind, as well as NuttZo. Her work continues to spark a change in various communities and in the lives of those who are deprived of essential resources. We celebrate Danielle Dietz-Livolsi for her commitment to nutrition and humanitarianism and thank her for moving humanity forward.