December 2016 eNewsletter: Taylor Storniolo ’17 Student Spotlight


Taylor Storniolo ’17 was recently recognized as a Matthew25 Honoree by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of San Diego for completing over 600 hours of community service. She is a “shining example of faith in action,” and still has one more semester left of high school!

Taylor currently volunteers at Sharp Mary Birch Women’s Hospital every Thursday, and at the Mothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies (MADCAPs) every Sunday. In April, she plans on volunteering for A Night to Remember Prom, and over the summer, she will volunteer at a camp for people with disabilities through the Therapeutic Recreational Services of San Diego. In the past, Taylor has volunteered with the elderly at St. Paul’s Place and helped children whose families were experiencing domestic violence at Becky’s House.

“Knowing that I helped someone or at least made their day a little better motivates me to keep serving,” Taylor explained. “I genuinely enjoy making people happy and doing what I can to make my community a better place for my neighbors.”

One of Taylor’s favorite moments in service happened during her first summer at Therapeutic Recreational Services. She spent a whole week paired with a man with brain damage, and by the end of the week, he referred to her as his best friend. “He was the reason I decided to return to camp the next summer,” Taylor said.

In fact, while Taylor is passionate about serving many different populations, she plans on studying biology pre-med in college so she can become a physician or scientific researcher with a focus on finding ways to make life easier for people with disabilities.

Taylor has truly become an exemplar of “serving the dear neighbor without distinction,” and she urges others to work or volunteer for organizations and causes they care about, too. “It truly is rewarding.”