Tory Brown

Alumnae (11) · Coaches (37) · Faculty (47) · Staff (31)

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Rivka Bent

Ms. Rivka Bent

Interim Director of Marketing and Communications

Shiva Gholami

Ms. Shiva Gholami

Director of Technology

Aarón González

Mr. Aarón González

Interim Assistant Head of School

Monica Hickey

Ms. Monica Hickey

Social Media and Digital Content Coordinator

Karina Higginbotham

Ms. Karina Higginbotham

Executive Assistant Office of the Assistant Head of School

Elsi Hildebrand

Mrs. Elsi Hildebrand

Student Services Support Staff

Nelson Kim

Mr. Nelson Kim

Informational Technologist & Registrar

Mona Moucharrafie

Ms. Mona Moucharrafie

Administrative Assistant & COVID Lead

Sara Osmus

Ms. Sara Osmus

Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction

Colleen Prantil

Mrs. Colleen Prantil

Front Office Receptionist

Kara Stanton

Ms. Kara Stanton

Payroll, HR/Benefits Coordinator

Kaila Weedman

Miss Kaila Weedman

Associate Director of Institutional Advancement

Katie Wilson

Mrs. Katie Wilson

Service Learning & Retreats Director | Head JV Lacrosse Coach