Heather Tiegs

Visual & Performing Arts Department


Heather is exceedingly enthusiastic about what she has to offer the position of Sub Art Teacher for the Spring Semester at OLP. Although she has worked for several years as a professional artist across many venues, teaching workshops, painting sets for the entertainment industry, painting murals, and running my own surface pattern design business, it is her current foray into obtaining her Masters of Art Education at Azuza Pacific University that has been the most enlivening and inspiring phase of her adult life and professional career. Her vision to wrap up 2022 is to design the idea that our voices matter and to encourage them to be used throughout the semester via the choices of what is expressed and communicated through our art, while she coaches these talented individuals to perfect the use of their chosen media weather it be paint, drawing, design or photography, all are glorious tools which can be used to elevate their voices and to express their vision.