Mrs. Jill Hicke


College Degrees & Credentials:

  • BA in Psychology from SDSU
  • Masters in Social Work from SDSU
  • License in Clinical Social Work
  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential


Jill joined OLP’s counseling team in 2011 and she continues to enjoy working in this beautiful, faith-based school community. In 2013, she started the Sisters and Scholars program at OLP, which provides academic accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences. Jill continues to be passionate about providing quality personal, academic, and college counseling services to her students.

Prior to working at OLP, she was a Work Experience Instructor at Mesa College. Additionally, Jill worked for 10 years as a Psychiatric Social Worker at Charter Hospital (now Aurora) and was the Director of Social Services for three of those years. She met her husband through music ministry at church during high school. They are happily married and have a son who graduated from Saints in 2014. He was part of the OLP theatre community during high school. Jill enjoys time with her family, hiking, and rollerblading.