Suzanne Hall

Science Department


Suzanne Hall has worked in the field of biological sciences for over 23 years, in a number of scientific, advisory, and educational capacities. As a member of the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research for more than 16 years, she engaged in and supported primary research examining the behavioral ecology of bear species, with a special emphasis on Asiatic species (i.e., the giant panda, sun bear, and sloth bear). In support of these objectives, she worked with diverse teams of people from a variety of scientific disciplines, both in the U.S. and abroad. In more recent years, she has focused her professional energies on facilitating the implementation of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s (SDZWA) species conservation objectives via partnership building with government agencies, elected officials, and like-minded NGOs. In this capacity, she regularly translated scientific methodologies, principles, and goals to laypeople, other scientists, and conservation managers. Additionally, she frequently engaged in the training and education of staff, students, and volunteers in all manner of scientific endeavors in support of SDZWA organizational objectives. In this, her experience with teaching and mentoring spans more than two decades of professional work. This effort has been supported by studies for her first master’s degree, which included a focus on the process of inquiry: observation, uncovering questions that lead to rewarding investigations, developing predictions and action plans, gathering evidence, and interpreting findings. Presently she is adding to her teaching arsenal with the addition of a single subject credential in the life sciences, and an M.Ed. with a special emphasis in social-emotional learning.