Faculty Professional Development at USD

By Dr. Melinda Blade, Director of Mission Integration and Historian

The University of San Diego held its 22nd annual Character Education Resource Center conference this past June.  Mrs. Carolyn Williams of the Social Studies Department, Mrs. Rigo Hinkledire of the PE Department and Dr. Melinda Blade, Director of Mission Integration and OLP Historian, all attended.  The two day conference was held at USD under the auspices of the Character Education Resources Center and its director, Dr. Ed DeRoche.  The speakers included internationally known men and women who addressed issues of character development, ethical standards and moral choices. 

Said Mrs. Williams, “I enjoyed our conversation on how to encourage students to read the news, research credible sources, and engage in civil discussions on tough topics. It is imperative to value and understand all sides of an issue and help our students become engaged and informed citizens.” 

Mrs Hinkledire added that, “Attending the Character Education Conference for the past 10+ years has become a tradition. I’m inspired by the passion and dedication of character development of other attendees. Guest speakers always provide meaningful experiences.”  

Dr. Blade found Union-Tribune editorial cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize recipient, Steve Breen, to be one of the more fascinating speakers, as he asserted that morality and ethics must be included in editorial cartooning. “His comments on what is appropriate and inappropriate for an editorial cartoon indicated the degree of ethical thought that goes into the art.”