Christian Service

Christian Service Program

Introduction to Service at OLP

Serving our Dear Neighbor is the heart of the CSJ mission and, therefore, also the heart of OLP's mission. We are called to be loving disciples, serving our neighbors with kindness and compassion. As a member of the OLP community, each student is encouraged to engage in Christian service, striving to bring about justice and love in our community.

Service at OLP is grounded in the understanding that every person is created with innate worth and dignity. Through our Christian Service opportunities, students at OLP live the CSJ call to be women of heart, women of faith, and women of courage. OLP offers a wide variety of local service opportunities, mixed with educational service immersions focusing on a wide range of social justice issues, both domestic and international.

Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, we are no longer requiring mandatory service hours as part of graduation requirements. The philosophy behind ending mandatory service is to encourage and celebrate the thriving culture of service that has flourished at OLP. We firmly believe that students are motivated to serve others through an authentic spirit of compassion and a desire to engage with our dear neighbors, both locally and globally. We are proud to report that the majority of our students already go above and beyond the traditional mandatory hours of annual service.

Service Opportunities at OLP

Throughout the year, OLP Campus Ministry offers a multitude of service experiences for our students. We post our service opportunities in the weekly bulletin and share on morning PTV announcements. Our educational service immersions can be located on the Justice Immersions page of the OLP website. We hope you take the time to explore the opportunities that we offer.

Submitting Service Hours

Although we are no longer tracking a minimum number of service hours per student, we continue to encourage each student to submit their service hours to our tracking platform, Through the student service submissions, we will highlight and celebrate the service being done by the OLP community. Students who go above and beyond to give back to the community will be recognized annually. 

Students are encouraged to utilize the summer vacation to participate in meaningful service experiences. All service hour submissions must include a completed verification form signed by your parent/guardian or service supervisor. This form, as well as instructions for registering on the website and submitting hours, are available on the OLP website and in the Campus Ministry office.

Please email Mrs. Wilson, Service and Retreats Director, at [email protected], with any questions about our Service opportunities.

Direct and Indirect Service

Direct Service - Hours spent working immediately with those in need or disadvantaged populations. These hours involve face-to-face contact with our Dear Neighbors and focus on building relationships and serving in a personal way.

  • Examples: tutoring children, serving food in a shelter, visiting the elderly, helping patients or their families in a hospital, coaching a team for a person with a disability.

Indirect Service - Hours that do not involve direct interaction with members of a marginalized population. Indirect hours involve the important work that supports non-profit organizations behind-the-scenes. These opportunities are wonderful to be involved in, but service at OLP is focused on building relationships with our Dear Neighbors in need.

  • Examples: clerical or custodial work, fundraising events, 5k races, animal care, school/parish/ethnic festivals or meals, beach/neighborhood clean-ups, altar serving.

Examples for Further Clarification

In a school setting....

  • Direct - tutoring students or helping with crafts
  • Indirect - helping a teacher grade assignments or decorate their classroom

With a shelter….

  • Direct - serving food to individuals in need
  • Indirect - sorting or packaging food donations

At a hospital….

  • Direct - guiding patients to their rooms, visiting their families
  • Indirect - assisting in labs, working at gift stores

With your parish….

  • Direct - working with children in Vacation Bible School
  • Indirect - Liturgical Ministry (altar serving, lectoring, etc.)

38,314 hours
served in 2018-19

Service Learning Contact:

Katie Wilson
Service Learning & Retreats Director
[email protected]