February Enewsletter: State of the Arts & Spring Sing

State of the Arts

By Vanessa Rebeil ’15

As the New Year began, Thespians hit the floor running! Legally Blonde Jr.’s cast has begun rehearsing. Their choreographers, Susana Alvarado and Rachel Rougas, have been hard at work choreographing “Positive” and “Bend and Snap”. Meanwhile, Thespian President Vanessa Rebeil ’15 is directing a one act of Steel Magnolias in order to compete at the California State Thespian Conference. Vanessa, Jordan Stewart, Rachel Rougas, Bella Rivera, Torrey Schenewerk, Andrea Cervantes and Grace Newton have been rehearsing twice a week in order to prepare for the competition. They hope to make it to “Play Marathon” at International Thespian Conference in Nebraska.

On January 9th, Vanessa Rebeil, Keara Kirkpatrick, Jordan Stewart, Rachel Rougas, Bella Rivera, and Grace Newton went to St. Patrick’s Elementary School to give 6-8th graders a drama workshop session. The girls split up the 60 kids into different groups, and rotated them through 15 minute sessions. The groups did problem solving games, improv, stage fighting, dance, and warm up exercises. The students seemed to really enjoy doing something completely different from their regular schedule, while still learning skills that will help them throughout life.

On January 14th, Thespians had the second Lunchtime Theatre of the year, starting off with a duet by Vanessa Rebeil and Grace Newton, taking a new spin on the song “Tango Maureen” from the musical Rent. The group from Steel Magnolias then did a preview of the one act. They ended the performance with another duet by Andrea Cervantes and Jordan Stewart singing “Wish I Were Here” from the musical Next to Normal.

Finally, on January 23rd, Katie Sapper (Class of 2010) was a guest speaker at the Drama II class. She came in and talked about her experience studying performing arts in college and her experience in professional theatres, such as her role in the debut of the play Kingdom City at La Jolla Playhouse. She gave many good tips for college, and then led the class in a series of energetic theatre games!

Spring Sing 2015

By the Spring Sing Leadership Team

Spring Sing 2015, “Fairy Tales” is on its way! Students are rehearsing diligently from 2:30-5:00 every day in February, preparing the February 27th and 28th performances at the Balboa Theatre. The Freshmen will take you back to when the Lost Boys of Peter Pan became lost with a heartwarming story we’re all working very hard on! We are ready to kick off Spring Sing with our show filled with laughter, excitement, and acceptance!. The Sophomores will take you on a magic carpet ride to the world of Aladdin and the Genii (with a twist). You will truly find that “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.”

The Juniors are working hard to bring you into the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We are taking you along the ride into the daily routine of miners and dwarves working in a gem filled cavern. It’s just another day at work in the mine for the Junior class! Finally, the Senior Class is thrilled to bring you into the feline world of little Lucifer, the sassy cat from Cinderella. We are ready to bring this beloved classic to life and show you how Cinderella actually got her “happily ever after.” Don’t miss out on our versions of “Hello, Goodbye,” “Stray Cat Strut,” “It’s the Hard Knock Life” and more! Tickets will go on sale for Spring Sing 2015 on February 1 at AOLP.org.