Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

A woman of faith who...

  • maintains a relationship with “God and the dear neighbor without distinction”
  • understands and values Catholic teachings
  • applies Gospel values through her actions and choices
  • encourages and serves as a model to others in fostering the mission of Jesus in our world

A woman of heart who...

  • actively works to foster solidarity, unity and sisterhood in a spirit of joy
  • recognizes and values the diversity of society
  • acts as a responsible member of the global community to promote justice and peace
  • strives for unity and reconciliation through compassion for others

A woman of courage who...

  • takes initiative in response to challenges
  • advocates for social justice embodying Catholic Social Teaching
  • perseveres through challenges and adversity
  • chooses integrity regardless of personal consequences

A woman of excellence who...

  • seeks collaboratively to solve problems through critical thinking and creative solutions
  • seeks opportunities to be challenged and takes risks in the active pursuit of learning
  • communicates ideas and perspectives effectively and articulately through appropriate mediums
  • adapts to emerging technology responsibly

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, a student must complete a four-year program of studies earning a minimum of 240 units (1 semester = 5 units). Please refer to the curriculum requirements page for further information.

We are proud to say that 100% of OLP graduates continue on to higher education.