A Taste of International Relations

Isabella Dominguez ‘18 has been interning at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego all summer. Below is a Q&A of her experience so far.

How did you get this job?
In February, Mrs. Bent invited me to lunch with two people who worked at the Consulate and when they talked about their experiences at each Consulate (Mexican Consualate in San Diego and US Consulate in Tijuana), I asked one of them if I could do an internship in the summer. I stayed in contact with her and around May, she interviewed me and told me that I could start working as soon as I got out of school.

Why did you want this job?
I have been wanting to study international relations for a really long time but had never met anyone who had studied IR and worked in something related to that major. After hearing about the Consulate and what they do, I wanted to work there and make sure that I wanted to study IR.

How many days are you working?
I’m working Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm.

What is your typical day-to-day like?
I drive from Tijuana to Downtown every morning and the first thing I do when I get to the Consulate is report to my mentor and talk about what I will be doing that day. I have been working on some projects so typically, I give her an update on the project and then head back to my workspace.

How will this experience help your career path?
Every day at the consulate proves to me that this is what I would like to do for the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to get a glimpse into how the Consulate works gives me a chance to prepare myself for this career.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?
My first week at the Consulate, I was introduced to Cónsul General, Marcela Celorio. I do not see her that often because of her busy schedule, but the few times I have talked to her have been priceless. She is such an intelligent woman and I am sure that I will be learning many things from her during my time at the Consulate.

What mistake have you learned the most from?
So far I haven’t had any mistakes, but I have learned that instructions are only given to you once so you have to pay close attention and always do things 10 times better than expected.

Who is mentoring you? What have you learned from them?
My mentor, Adriana Bacelis, has helped me in more ways that I can imagine, both personally and professionally. She has a busy schedule and meetings but I know that whenever I have a question or simply something that I want to tell her, she will be there for me.

Do you plan on working here when school begins again?
I will return in mid-August and plan to work at the Consulate at least once a week during the school year.