January Enewsletter Alumna Profile: Theresa Dang ’14

Here at Pitzer College, I am a Human Biology major and am enrolled in an accelerated pre-med track with a specific linkage program to Western University of Health Sciences medical school.

My OLP biology classes gave me a pretty solid foundation for my Intro Bio course here. In fact, I use my OLP Bio Honors and Ap Bio notes and powerpoints to study and reference for my current Bio course. Shout out for Miss Ma’ake!

OLP did a substantial job in preparing me for college and gave me a strong foundation to build upon. Some OLP classes inspired me to take courses here that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered, such as an International/Intercultural Studies Course called Science, Politics, & Alternative Medicine, a seminar that explores different healing methods around the world.

Perhaps the strongest similarity between my experience at OLP and Pitzer College is my ability to make connections with my professors. Granted, Pitzer College is very small college with a student population of approximately 1,000 and the professors here are very accessible, but my time at OLP definitely built my confidence and showed me the value of talking with and visiting my professors outside of class.

Another similarity is becoming involved in campus life. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is what makes me unique over the other students here because there are so many passionate and involved students at Pitzer, but my OLP experience definitely gives me the confidence to be much more involved on campus and not be afraid to try new things.

My work study jobs are diverse and atypical. I work for Claremont Market Shares, which sells and promotes locally grown and organic foods from farms surrounding Claremont. I am a communications assistant for the Community Engagement Center which is reminiscent of my time in Student Council at OLP. I tutor children of Pitzer’s staff members, and am a mechanic at Pitzer’s Green Bike Program -a bold move I made considering I don’t know a thing about bikes! All builds my awareness of what’s going on around me. Combined with a couple of club activities I’ve developed an enriching world that is ever expanding.

I definitely miss friends I’ve made at OLP and SAHS some of whom I’ve been good friends with since grade school, so it feels so different that they’re not here with me sharing my college experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing them all again when I come home soon for break. I also really miss the teachers who I’ve worked with or whose classes I attended. Many of them were a huge support system for me in high school and also made me really passionate about my career choice.

“Where do I see myself in 10 years?” Well, since the plan is to go to medical school and because I’m in a seven year med school linkage program, I’ll have hopefully passed all my med school board exams and will have started my residency -fingers crossed- to become a family physician!.

My name is Theresa Dang ’14 and I’m a proud graduate of OLP!