AOC: Jenny Craig

By: Maggie Brady ‘19, Katya Cerny ‘19, Kaseba Chibweth ‘19, Katie Cota ‘20, and Kekoa Ulufanua ‘20

Jenny Craig (originally named Genevieve Guildroz) was born on August 7, 1932, and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1979, she married her husband, Sidney Craig. Together, they created one of today’s most well known weight loss programs in 1983, Jenny Craig, Inc. While the program was originally offered in Australia, Jenny Craig, Inc. soon reached the United States in 1985 which proved they were a company of international prosperity. The program would later become a part of the corporation of Nestlé Nutrition in 2006. Jenny Craig’s pioneering as a female entrepreneur and her success in the weight loss industry are highly notable and empowering achievements.

Craig’s work through the lens of an Architect of Change, however, expands far past her outstanding accomplishments as a businesswoman. She has continued to leave her mark by enriching many communities, including San Diego. Craig is a true philanthropist who gives to causes that spread relief and foster education. She has supported organizations such as San Diego Hospice, Easter Seals, United Way/CHAD, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Peace At Home’s domestic violence prevention program. In 1992, the Craigs donated towards Fresno State University’s School of Business and Administrative Services. The couple also committed sizable donations to the University of San Diego, some of which was used to build the Jenny Craig Pavilion that serves as a recreation and sports arena. Even closer to our own school community, Sid and Jenny Craig donated towards the construction of the Holy Family Event Center, here at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace. Sid and Jenny have touched the lives of hundreds OLP students, helping provide a place where students can gather for not only fitness related activities, but a place for worship and unity..

Ms. Craig’s business, Jenny Craig Inc., continues to make strides in everyday life by providing healthy options to its clients to encourage weight loss and nutritional health. The corporation displays genuine concern for its clients by creating for them personalized plans that meet many of the US Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines. This concern for health and wellness is an immense part of what has made Jenny Craig Inc. a household name in the weight loss industry. Craig also continues to move humanity forward through her generous contributions that have touched the lives of people in need and improved the educational experiences of countless students. Her constant dedication towards benefitting society, both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has certainly made its mark in OLP, San Diego and beyond.

Specifically about Craig’s weight loss story: