Architects of Change: Julia Daviy

Architects of Change Live is our conversation series with a mission. It celebrates individuals who challenge what is, imagine what can be, and move humanity forward. Join us on October 31, 2019 as we welcome award-winning revolutionary eco-friendly fashion designer Julia Daviy!

October 31, 2019, 11 am
Academy of Our Lady of Peace
4860 Oregon Street
San Diego, CA 92116

We look forward to welcoming award-winning revolutionary eco-friendly fashion designer and founder of 3D-Printed Fashion Lab, Julia Daviy to join us for an Architects of Change Live Conversation! Julia will share her vision of sustainable fashion and clean technologies for clothing production, including 3D printing clothing. This event will also feature a fashion show highlighting both Julia Daviy's work and eco-friendly Halloween costumes designed by our OLP students. This event is free, but registration is required.

Julia Daviy is an award-winning revolutionary eco-friendly fashion designer and founder of 3D-Printed Fashion Lab. She believes that strong, passionate women should never have to compromise on their inner beauty by choosing between fashion, sustainable production, and eco-friendly materials. Julia creates each garment digitally using innovative technology of 3D printing by zero-waste patented method on large-format printers in the USA.

Daviy’s 3D-Printed Fashion Lab is the first 3D-printed clothing manufacture model in the United States. Her first collection, The Liberation, was presented during NYFW 2018 and opened the door for wide-use of 3D printing in the clothing production.  It consisted of 8 pieces of clothing created on FDM 3D printers and one dress, created on SLA 3D printers.

Julia Daviy is the winner of the 2019 Eluxe Awards as Best Luxury Fashion Brand that uses zero-waste 3D printing to create gorgeous garments with materials that are not only recyclable but also biodegradable. Technology Headlines included Julia in OP 10 Fastest Growing Fashion and Apparel Solution Providers to Watch in The Year 2019.

Julia Daviy's 3D-printed skirts made the must-have list of Vogue UK Spring-Summer 2019 Issue.

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