May 2019 Enewsletter: Historical Corner

Wrapping up the Year
By Melinda Blade, Ed.D.
Director of Mission Integration and OLP Historian

As this academic year wraps up, Margaret Wiedower, ’68, and I are retiring after more than four decades each at OLP. We have had the pleasure of teaching at OLP since 1976 (Melinda) and 1977 (Margaret). We depart with a combined total of 85 teaching years at OLP.

We will hold OLP and her alumnae, students, faculty, staff, and families in our prayers and hearts forever.

The two daughters of two career Navy men leave you with the traditional Sailor’s Blessing:

“May you have Fair Winds and Following Seas.”

Thanks for the memories! Go, Pilots!

I leave you with a summary of our years at OLP:
Margaret taught Physics
Melinda took college Physics
Margaret taught Chemistry
Melinda took college Chemistry and nothing blew up
Margaret was the faculty moderator for Spring Sing classes for many years
Melinda cannot sing or dance or emote or… (But she was the Spring Sing Stage Manager for many decades)
Margaret plays the guitar at Mass
Melinda knows what a guitar looks like
Margaret is an OLP alumna
Melinda did not go to an all-girls’ school

Melinda is a professional registered archaeologist at the national level
Margaret owns a shovel
Melinda is a professional historian for the state of California
Margaret has taken history classes
Melinda is a certified master athletic administrator at the national level
Margaret loves sports

Both of us worked at Rosary High School
Both of us were hired at OLP by Sister Edward Mary
Both of us have coached Tennis
Both of us were Department Chairs for our respective Departments (32 years in Social Studies for Melinda and since 1984 in Science for Margaret)
Both of us have taught Honors and AP courses
Both of us have worked on more WASC Accreditation Reports than we care to remember
Both of us worked on OLP’s Blue Ribbon Reports and went to Washington, D.C. with Sister Dolores and Sister Joyce to be at the 2000 honors presentation where OLP received our recognition
Both of us were Club moderators
Both of us were Class moderators
Both of us have supervised more athletic games, dances, and activities than you can imagine or we can count

The traditional ending to a newspaper article is signaled by the expression “-30-”
This is a “-30-” to our OLP teaching careers.