May 2019 Enewsletter: Navigating Our Own Yellow Brick Road

Navigating Our Own Yellow Brick Road

By Savina Charlier ’20 and Brianna Hunter ’20

Our annual BeYOUtiful conference this year was a refreshing take on The Wizard of Oz: Follow Your Yellow Brick Road. Although our main focus was on empowering the young girls who attended, the most meaningful experiences and takeaways were with our high school club members and leaders.

High school is probably one of the most challenging times to maintain confidence in yourself and your future. As second-semester juniors, it is even more challenging to have confidence in our decisions, especially concerning college and course selections. From our experiences at this year’s BeYOUtiful Conference, we discerned the importance of self-discovery, passion, and a sense of adventure.

Our guest speaker Troy Mullins emphasized that our yellow brick roads will not always be clear; cloudy skies and rainy days will make it harder for us to find, but once the sun breaks through, it will illuminate the yellow brick road life has in store for us. Her reflection on her own journey through life proved to be valuable examples which spoke to our uncertainties about our own futures.

We learned that it’s okay, and normal, to not know exactly where our yellow brick road will lead us. By creating a growth mindset and setting small goals, the navigation to our Emerald City becomes easier and more visible, and we become more empowered to continue on our journeys.

This conference couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because we juniors are at the peak of stress. It was truly refreshing to hear a different perspective and learn a new take on how to tackle these decisions about our future. We learned from and were inspired by the girls’ motivation and excitement. We look forward to next year!

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