May Newsletter: Adventure Fitness Class at OLP

Adventure Fitness

By Karina Montague ’14

An unknown person (who is surely known by someone, but understandably didn’t want credit for this quote), once said, “Every time I hear the dirty word ‘Exercise’ I wash my mouth out with chocolate.” To anyone who shares in this mentality, I say spend one week (or more realistically, one semester) with OLP’s 2014 Adventure Fitness class. What is fitness without adventure? Probably waiting in line for the stair master, currently being occupied by a very cute yet very slow eighty year old man; behind you are the death grunts of a guy wearing a shirt with some type of energy drink logo on it, and in the not-too-far off distance you hear the peppy gym trainer screaming, “One more, Sharon, just one more! Do you want to go home tonight, Sharon – see your family? Because you’re not leaving here until you do ONE MORE!” Fitness with adventure looks a lot like 17 OLP seniors, led by Ms. Boettger, tracking their nutrition with a different emphasis each week, doing dynamic workouts around campus, creating scavenger hunt – style fitness videos (starring some faculty push-up pros), learning precautionary tips for getting bit by a seal when training for an Ironman, and heading out on quite adventurous fitness field trips.

So far, Adventure Fitness has scaled Cowles Mountain (actually pronounced kohls, like the department store – has your world been shattered?), participated in a “skyrobics” class at Sky Zone, completed a SWAT Team Obstacle Course, trained like a Navy Seal, and completed a La Jolla beach training circuit. Even when printed directions got lost, Google Maps failed, and the Mercedes dealership seemed like a good place to park and wait, Ms. Boettger never hesitates to rescue lost students. The final field trip – coming up shortly – is rock climbing. Adventure Fitness is not a class solely for working out at school, (or during school hours), but is a means by which students are given tools, tips, and resources to eat more colorful foods, cut back on bad fats, increase fiber and whole grain intake, get a better workout, have more energy, and, “eat what you love, but in moderation.” These skills, coupled with self-discipline, are invaluable during the transitional period of leaving the Academy and entering college. Just as it says on the Adventure Fitness Edline page, “If you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal.” Bet “unknown person” wouldn’t think “exercise” is such a dirty word now, eh?