May Newsletter: “It is NOT a beauty pageant!”

“It is NOT a beauty pageant!”

By Talia Hill ’15

When you hear the name Distinguished Young Woman Scholarship Program, it is assumed by many to simply be a beauty pageant.  But in reality it is the complete opposite. The DYWS program rewards and promotes scholarship, leadership, and talent in young woman. The junior year competition consists of a fitness routine, while taking into account a competitor’s scholastics, talent, and interview skills into account.  Before beginning this program, I was simply excited to perform on stage for my friends and family. But once the practices prior to the show began, I knew I was in for something much more. We had many inspiring speeches given by athletes and other successors that prepared us mentally and emotionally not only for the competition, but for our futures. We even had a self defense class! This program creates well-rounded women in all areas of life.

I am so honored to have competed in this life-changing program and created the bonds I have with girls all over the county involved in different activities whom I most likely would have never had the chance to encounter. I highly recommend this program to next year’s juniors and would gladly talk to anyone with questions! Marisa Gomez and I am ecstatic to represent OLP as the Distinguished Young Woman of San Diego for 2014 and compete in the Distinguished Young Women of California this upcoming July!