Alumna Spotlight: Michelle Guerrero ’10

By Jeanette Handelsman, Alumnae Relations Coordinator

OLP Alumna Newest Member of the San Diego Union Tribune Staff

As a student at OLP, Michelle Guerrero ‘10  was highly respected for her creative and artistic talents. And now she has taken these talents and moved into the field of print media.  In December, Michelle joined the staff of the UT as their Graphics Reporter and Illustrator. Just last month she contributed to the newspaper’s articles on the lunar eclipse and homelessness. In announcing her appointment to their staff, the Tribune shared that they look forward to the “fresh perspective to presentation news and information” that Michelle will bring to their publication. In her own words, Michelle shares: “Information is vital for creating effective communication. Learning through visuals and art is no different. I’m determined to present a mindful and thorough understanding of the subject I am illustrating.”    

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Multimedia and graduated with Honors from San Diego State University. Before joining the UT, she worked for Blizzard Entertainment and Marvel gaining experience in illustration and graphic design in the video game and comic industries.  

Michelle credits her time at OLP for giving her the confidence to be herself for nobody’s satisfaction other than herself and the humility to respect and learn from others with an open mind. In her own words: “These qualities have never lost their prevalence in my personal and professional life, and I am sure I can attribute much of my success to being open to others and listening to them with the same respect I want for myself.”

Michelle has found memories of her involvement in Spring Sing during her time at OLP and is most proud of her class for winning the annual trip to Disneyland all four years that they attended. And as we approach the celebration of Miss OLP 2019, it is noteworthy that Michelle was chosen by her class to represent them as the Senior Class Honoree in 2010. Well deserved Michelle and such wonderful, cherished memories! (Please note her OLP mug on her desk at the Union Tribune!)


Upcoming Alumnae Events

February 23: Ladies of the 80’s Party at OLP. Please see the OLP website for more information.

March 2: Spring Sing Alumnae Reconnect  4:30-6:30 Gaslamp Fish House (just down the street from the Balboa Theater)  Watch for details and registration.

March 19: Jewel Jubilee (honoring the class of 1968 and earlier)  For more information please see the OLP website ( and to RSVP for this event please contact Jeanette Handelsman, Alumnae Engagement Coordinator at [email protected] or 619-725-9154.

May 24: 50th Golden Reunion for the class of 1969 at OLP’s 2019 Graduation celebration.  For more information please contact Mary Humphries Vitrano ([email protected]) or Janet Cooper ([email protected]).