AOC: Mike Fasulo

By Margaret Brady ’19

At the end of January, the Academy of Our Lady of Peace was blessed with the opportunity to interview the COO of Sony Electronics, Mike Fasulo. This live conversation was a very exciting event, where Mr. Fasulo shared with us about some of the new and exciting innovations and developments coming from Sony Electronics! The AOC team would like to share with the greater community of how Fasulo challenges what is, imagines what can be, and moves humanity forward.

Mike Fasulo has served for nearly five years as President and COO of Sony Electronics since January 1st, 2014. However, he has nearly 30 years of experience working at Sony Electronics. He began his career at Sony in 1984 as a financial analyst, and has worked in a variety of roles since then. Indeed, he has certainly made his impact while being there.

We consider Mike Fasulo to  fit the profile of an Architect of Change because of his progressive vision for Sony Electronics and his inspiring work as a leader there. Mr. Fasulo is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He works to make sure that individuals of all ages, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds and sexual orientation have a voice in the major corporation. Additionally, he believes that individuals at every level of the corporation should be able to express their beliefs freely and be able to have open and honest conversations that lead to innovation.

Mike Fasulo is also known for being a champion for women in the workplace. Sony Electronics is unique because of the programs it instituted for female employees. One of these programs is Women of  Action, Vision and Empowerment (WAVE) which offers women of opportunities for professional and leadership development. Another program is Sony Team of Enterprising Parents (STEP) which provides support to both working and expectant mothers who are employees. Lastly, Sony has partnered with Athena and Women Unlimited, Inc. (WUL) to help their female employees develop their professional careers and networks outside of the company.

Mike Fasulo’s impressive leadership at Sony Electronics has certainly not gone unnoticed. Mr. Fasulo has well deservedly received the honors of being receiving the Customer Champion Publication 2008 Industry Award in 2008, the Women’s Unlimited Award for “Advancement of Diversity” in 2009, the Black Engineer’s Society’s  “Champion of the Year” Award in 2011, the Broadcom Diversity Award in 2012 and Anti Defamation League “Torch of Liberty” Award in 2014. Additionally, he received the honor of being named a Sony Samurai Inductee.

Fasulo challenges what is through his progressive vision and questioning the status quo in the workplace. He imagines what can be through his advocacy for all backgrounds to be heard in operations, and moves humanity forward through the group’s and organizations he runs and partners with to make a difference for professionals around the world.

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