Mock Trial Brings Home the Silver

By Ms. Ilene Nagem ’70

OLP’s Mock Trial Team completed the San Diego County competition for this year on Saturday,
February 23, 2019, at the Superior Courthouse in downtown San Diego. After four rounds of
competition from February 6 – 23, it was announced that OLP was in first place and would
advance to the Championship Round to compete against second-place Westview High School.
Once the hard-fought trial was completed, everyone in the courtroom waited in suspense for the
winner to be announced. OLP was announced as the Second Place team losing first place by
only one point. The team was awarded plaque and each team member received a red ribbon.
Additionally, one of our team members, Anjuli Paye, won an Outstanding Pretrial Attorney

The coaches are so proud of the team which includes seniors Molly Winger, Kendell Ota, Ivana
Letayf Laza de la Vega, Kaseba Chibweth, Nicole Bruno, Diana Valenzuela, and Valeria Chavez;
juniors Isela Quinones, Madelyn Chronister, Ashley Yeatts, Gabriella Nechita, Lauren Szumski,
Nicolette Frank, and Maritza Chavez del Rio; sophomores Anjali Paye, Alyse Saucedo,
Catherine Tamayo, Presley Rayon, and Ana Ramirez; and frosh Daniela Bonilla, Peyton Brown,
and Sofia Blas.

Faculty Moderators, Ilene Nagem and Shawn Hanley, would like to recognize and thank our
attorney coaches, Jim Eischen, and Warren Den, who have given so generously of their time to
coach our team. Not only are they experts in trial law and are able to impart this knowledge to
our girls, but they also inspire the team to spend numerous hours working together to improve
the team as a whole. One aspect that all the coaches are particularly proud of is how our team
members conduct themselves at all of our competitions. They are serious competitors, but they
are also good sportswomen who show respect for everyone.

While we were hoping to place first as we did in 2016, we are hoping to make history again as
we did in 2017 by securing a wild-card berth at the State finals which will be held in late March
in Sacramento. No matter what, the skills and lessons learned from the Mock Trial experience
will benefit our team members in whatever profession they pursue in their lives.